Signs It’s Time to Schedule Depression Therapy near Lake County

Are you considering depression therapy in Lake County? It’s important to realize you don’t have to overcome this condition on your own. There are trained professionals who can help you through this difficult time. For some, knowing how to identify symptoms is difficult and may delay treatment. While everyone experiences depression differently, ask for help if you experience any of the following for a period of two weeks or more.


Many individuals struggling with depression experience a sense of hopelessness. Frustration, sadness and regret are also common.  These feelings often fuel an inability to see anything beyond the present. Depression therapy can help you cope with and work past these feelings.

Inability to Concentrate

Another common sign it’s time to seek depression therapy is an inability to concentrate. Small oversights are one thing and everyone has days when their brains feel a bit foggy, but the lack of focus associated with depression is much more severe. It often makes it difficult to make decisions or complete responsibilities at home and at work.


If you suddenly feel apathetic toward things you’ve always enjoyed doing before, don’t wait. Preferences can change, but an inability to find joy and pleasure in things you love is definitely a red flag for depression.

Ready to Schedule Depression Therapy near Lake County?

If you’ve struggled with any of the above-mentioned issues, it’s time to seek professional assistance. The highly trained, experienced and compassionate staff at INTreatment are here to help. We have the knowledge and skills to provide a wide range of affordable services, including assistance with addiction, anxiety, eating disorders, adolescent issues, trauma, grief and loss and couple therapy. If you need help, schedule some time to take care of yourself because the issues you’re facing are real. Contact us today.