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One of the major benefits of receiving addiction counseling services is establishing a relapse prevention plan. Working with an addiction counselor in La Porte County can decrease the chance of relapse occurring. Having a plan that’s specifically tailored to you and your situation may provide the assistance you need to stay on track with your treatment. The best plans will include:


Every relapse prevention plan is personalized. Yours will include information about your situation, experiences with substance abuse and, if necessary, previous relapses. Be prepared to share these details with your addiction counseling professional.

Warning Signs

During addiction counseling, you’ll work to identify potential warning signs of relapse. Your counselor will also help you find ways to manage these signs to better prevent a relapse from occurring.

Support Network

Your relapse prevention plan will include a list of individuals you can go to for help. This list generally includes family members, friends and other counselors who are familiar with your situation.

Lifestyle Changes

A good addiction counseling relapse prevention plan will also include lifestyle changes you need to make. Once established, these changes should become a priority, as they are specifically intended to make relapse less likely.

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The addiction counseling services offered at INTreatment can help you develop a realistic and functional relapse prevention plan. Serving La Porte County residents, our facility is managed by experienced and compassionate counselors who are dedicated to providing the best possible patient care. Whether you’re struggling with addiction, an eating disorder, anxiety, depression, adolescent issues, trauma or grief and loss, we can help. Those needing couples therapy can also depend on our clinic for assistance. Contact us today for more details.

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