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There are many kinds of grief, such as the loss of a relationship even after couples therapy and your best attempts at staying together or the loss of a loved one to addiction. It can be hard to find the strength to go on, and grief counseling can help. Here’s how.

Learn to Navigate Hard Feelings

Grief can make you feel all sorts of emotions that can be hard to manage. Everything from denial, anger, guilt and even relief after a long and difficult illness are all typical. It can also cause physical symptoms. Working with a team that includes a counselor and physical therapist can help you manage these feelings in a productive way. 

Feel Supported Throughout the Process

Grieving isn’t an event, it’s a process, and therapy gives you a safe place to talk about your mental health without judgment. Grief counselors have great listening skills and may provide the kind of validation for your feelings that even well-meaning friends and family can’t. And many of them accept insurance, making it even easier to get the help you need.

Learn Effective Coping Skills

Therapy is more than just listening to someone talk about what’s concerning them. It includes identifying ways to cope with problems, whether that’s grief, eating disorders, anxiety, depression or a wide range of traumatic experiences. Working with a grief counselor can help you take small steps toward reclaiming your life in a positive way, whether you’re an adolescent or an adult. 

Are You in Need of Grief Counseling Near La Porte County?

If grief is affecting you physically, mentally and emotionally, there is help. INtreatment offers caring and compassionate therapists, nurse practitioners and physical therapists to provide you with a holistic care plan that’s aligned with your needs. Contact us today and take the first steps toward healing with the help of grief counseling.

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