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Booking your first therapy appointment is a big step, and you are probably feeling nervous. Fortunately, a caring therapist understands this and will go to great lengths to help you feel comfortable talking about concerns like grief or addiction. You can also prepare by knowing what to expect during your first meeting with a therapist near Lake County.

An Introduction to the Process

Your therapist will welcome you and share some forms to gather essential details, like your contact information and insurance details. They’ll share with you how therapy can help people experiencing stressors like trauma or adolescent issues

An Invitation to Share Your Experiences

Next, you’ll have a chance to briefly discuss your physical history and what made you decide to try therapy–such as the need for couples counseling or a desire to treat an eating disorder–and what your goals are. The therapist may ask some questions about your coping skills

Get Your Questions Answered

Finally, this first session is a great time to ask your therapist anything you want to know. These questions might be about your fears regarding addressing your anxiety and depression or perhaps about your therapist’s experience. 

Do You Need a Therapist Near Lake County?

Many people who are new to therapy don’t feel immediately at ease, and this is quite common. It can take several sessions to ease into the process. Fortunately, the team at INtreatment offers a caring environment that’s structured to provide the help you need. Our holistic approach includes the assistance of physical therapists and nurse practitioners to help you feel better. If you are seeking a therapist near Lake County, contact us today.

Get the Most Out of Your Visit with a Skilled Therapist Near Lake County

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