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Working with a therapist can be a life-changing relationship so it’s important to find one that has the skills and talents to address your concerns. If you’re already concerned about your mental health because of loss, depression or addiction, you might feel bewildered by the process. Here are some important qualities to look for as you begin your search for a Porter County therapist

Appropriately Qualified

There are several mental health care professionals who can provide therapy in the area, and it’s important to find a therapist with the right credentials. Psychologists, clinical social workers and mental health counselors each have their own educational and licensing requirements to practice couples counseling or treat eating disorders, for example.

A Supportive Approach to Your Problems

A skillful therapist knows that no one understands your life better than you. Your provider’s role is to walk the path you choose with you, whether you’re experiencing grief or trauma. They support your work in identifying behaviors that are leading you away from your goals and ways to change them, but they do not tell you what to do.

Experienced in Your Area of Concern

There are several areas of specialization within therapy, such as adolescent issues or trauma-informed care, and some providers have a background that makes them a better match for clients with certain experiences. You will want to visit a provider who is knowledgeable about the kind of distress you feel, whether that’s depression, trauma or addiction.

Do You Need Mental Health Care from a Porter County Therapist?

INtreatment offers mental health services for adults and adolescents experiencing a range of symptoms related to anxiety, grief and depression. We provide couples counseling and addiction counseling, too. Our experienced team of providers includes licensed therapists, nurse practitioners and physical therapists for well-rounded care. Contact us today for an appointment and see how a Porter County therapist can help you.

Skilled and Insightful Services from a Porter County Therapist

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