what to expect from therapy

Therapy may seem a little scary if you’ve never been to a therapist before. Knowing what to expect from therapy may reduce your concerns and allow you to engage more fully with the work so you can enjoy long-term success. Here are three things you can expect from working with a skilled mental health professional. 

Someone Who Listens Without Judgment

Highly trained therapists offer you a supportive environment where you can speak your mind without fear of being judged for your feelings. This allows you to be totally honest about eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety or other concerns so you and your therapist can talk about possible solutions.

You’ll Learn New Skills

When helping you with mental health concerns like depression and addiction, a therapist will often talk with you about new coping skills that may help. You may be asked to practice these new skills outside of your therapy sessions to see if they reduce some of your symptoms.

The Process May Take A While

While anyone who is experiencing an emotional crisis such as adolescent issues or couples concerns is obviously eager to find a way to resolve their problems, the reality is that therapy takes time. Working with feelings isn’t easy, but having an insightful therapist to assist you is valuable in making lasting change

Are You Ready to See What to Expect From Therapy Near Lake County?

INtreatment consists of a highly qualified team of mental health professionals who work hand-in-hand with nurse practitioners and physical therapists in direct patient care. Clients’ mental, emotional and physical symptoms are treated with compassion, whether your visit is for addiction issues, grief and loss, trauma or depression. Contact us today to learn more about what you can expect from therapy as an adolescent, individual or part of a couple so you can begin to feel better soon.

What to Expect from Therapy If You Need Mental Health Care Near Lake County

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