counseling for teens valparaisoRaising children isn’t easy, and if your teen is struggling, it could cause concern and disruption throughout your family. Professional counseling for teens is a great way to support your child while also helping them build the skills necessary for strong mental health. These are among the top reasons why parents seek out adolescent therapy.

Your Teenager Doesn’t Seem the Same

While an increased desire to be alone and act moody is common for teenagers, if you see dramatic changes in your child’s behaviors and personal hygiene, it may be a good idea to seek therapy. These may be signs of depression or anxiety, or your child may be struggling with substance abuse or eating disorders.

Your Adolescent is Experiencing Major Change

Even if it may not seem that way, the process of transitioning from childhood to adulthood can be rocky. Relationships with parents, siblings and friends change, and your child may feel the weight of greater expectations as they get closer to making big decisions about college, trade school or employment. Family concerns like divorce, parental addiction or the loss of a parent also have a big impact on kids.

Your Child’s Performance at School is Deteriorating

When teenagers’ grades slip, it may be a sign that there’s more going on than just not putting in enough effort. Your child may be experiencing social stress such as bullying, low self-esteem or big shifts in friend groups which can affect mental health. Some teens also struggle with the after-effects of sexual assault or other kinds of trauma they feel unable to share with anyone.

There is Hope Through Counseling for Teens Near Valparaiso

INtreatment offers adolescents and their families caring and compassionate support through therapy. Our mental health professionals work closely with our physical therapist and nurse practitioner, too, because mental health concerns may also cause physical pain. If you’d like to discuss your concerns with one of our psychotherapists who specialize in adolescent care, please contact us today and let’s discover how counseling for teens can help your child.

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