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The struggle that comes with addiction can feel utterly overwhelming and hopeless. It takes a serious toll on your physical health, relationships and even your ability to care for and about yourself. But fortunately, addiction counseling can help you feel better and begin to restore what you’ve lost. 

Coping skills

Many challenges come with addressing your addiction and recovery, and some of them may feel like too much to bear. Learning new ways of coping with hard feelings is an important part of healing. Your counselor will guide you in identifying patterns of behavior and exploring ways to modify them for long-term success. 

Better Relationships with Family and Friends

As difficult as addiction is for you, your family and friends also suffer. It can be really challenging to mend a rift after you begin recovery, but having a support system makes a big difference in your chances of success. Working with a counselor or therapist helps you explore ways to rebuild those relationships with people you care about and re-establish trust. 

Authentic Support

The cycle of addiction can be hard for family and friends to deal with. Your counselor is someone who is there to be a genuine and loyal source of support in helping you find ways to heal and grow healthier. Having someone who truly believes in you and your value is highly validating and empowering and for some people experiencing addiction, this may be the first time they’ve felt that from another person.

Do You Need Help with Addiction Counseling in Porter County?

INtreatment is staffed by a team of mental health professionals who are dedicated to helping clients feel better. Our therapists, physical therapists and nurse practitioners welcome those experiencing addiction, trauma, grief, depression and anxiety. Mental health services include couples therapy, eating disorders and adolescent issues, too, and we work with many medical insurance providers. Contact us today to learn more about addiction counseling and how we can help you achieve success in recovery.

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