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Poor mental health affects more than just your mood, memory or feelings. It impacts your physical health, too. Many people experience symptoms like stomach aches, muscle tension, loss of mobility and chronic pain. Discover the benefits of treatment from holistic mental health care providers so you can start to feel better in body and mind.

Whole Body Care

In choosing a mental health care team that includes licensed psychologists and counselors, clinical social workers, physical therapists and nurse practitioners, you’re able to get a wider range of services. These support you mentally and physically, and because these care providers work as a team, you’ll have a collaborative treatment plan. 

You Are More Than Your Diagnosis

Whether your concerns are about anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction or any number of other official diagnoses you’ve received, a holistic team will care for you as a person first. It’s an uplifting and validating experience, and it empowers you to be a full partner in your own care, not just a patient following directions.

All-Around Symptom Relief

Your treatment plan will be designed to help you heal, mentally and physically. Chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders and similar medical conditions may be closely related to your feelings and mood. A holistic practice seeks to help you improve your overall quality of life.

Are You Seeking Mental Health Care Providers Serving Lake County?

INtreatment is staffed by a team of mental health care providers who are dedicated to helping clients feel better. Our therapists, physical therapists and nurse practitioners welcome those experiencing addiction, trauma, grief, depression and anxiety. Mental health services include couples therapy, eating disorders and adolescent issues, too, and we work with many medical insurance providers. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you begin to recover.

Caring Mental Health Care Providers Committed to Your Healing Near Lake County

Serving all of Porter, Lake & La Porte Counties in our Valparaiso office

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