Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

At INtreatment, we understand physical pain can be debilitating. It’s hard to feel happy when your body hurts. Our licenced physical therapist works with patients to heal from injury, improve mobility, and reduce pain


Physical therapy is a safe and cost effective means of treating pain.  PT is recommended to treat the following conditions.

  • Injury
  • Chronic pain
  • Reduced mobility
  • Age related weakness or deterioration
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved athletic performance


What to expect from physical therapy with INtreatment.

      • Pain management and rehabilitation
      • Education about your specific condition and how to minimize risk of future injury
      • Exercises to improve range of motion and flexibility
      • Exercises to strengthen muscles and to improve coordination, balance and endurance
      • A customized home exercise program
      • Lower healthcare costs than other treatment options, like surgery, imaging tests or medication

The Benefits of Therapy

We are licensed, caring, and experienced practitioners, here to support your mental and physical health.  Please reach out to get the care you deserve.




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